The Best Time for Newborn Family Photography in St. George

As a newborn photographer in St. George, Utah, one of the most common questions I get from excited new parents is “When is the best time to schedule our newborn family photo session?” It’s such an important question, as those first couple weeks after your baby is born are truly magical – and fleeting!

Capturing those tiny, treasured details of your newborn’s delicate features, curled-up poses, and tender moments between parents and child is what newborn family photography is all about. To get those perfect keepsake images, there is an ideal window of time to schedule your session.

The Best Time for Newborns

Newborn Photographer

The ideal time frame is when your baby is between 5-14 days old. This time frame allows us to take full advantage of that lovely sleepy, curled-up look newborns have right after birth. Babies tend to be at their most settled and sleepiest during this initial 1-2 week period.

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Of course, every baby is different. Some are wide-eyed and alert from the start, while others stay in that dreamy newborn phase a bit longer. As an experienced St. George newborn photographer, I know that flexibility during a newborn session is key. Whether your little one is a sound sleeper or more awake, I know how to capture their unique personality while also giving you the space to feed them or settle them down as needed.

If you feel like you’ve missed this window, don’t stress! I have photographed babies as old as two months and we have still photographed those tender moments and interactions that you’ll cherish forever.

Timing it Right for You

Along with your baby’s sleep patterns, there are a few other important factors that can impact the best timing for your newborn family photography in St. George. Things like umbilical cord care, jaundice, and other common newborn conditions might influence the ideal window. I always urge you to contact me directly so that we can talk about the unique requirements of your child and schedule the ideal session date.

Your postpartum recovery is also a key consideration. The first two weeks after delivery can be an exciting yet exhausting time. Scheduling your newborn family photography shoot during this period allows you to capture your baby at their tiniest while also ensuring you’ve had a chance to rest and adjust to life with your new addition.

Preparing for Your Session

Once we’ve chosen the perfect date for the session, I’ll provide you with all the tips and guidance you need to get ready for your in-home newborn photography in St. George. From outfit suggestions to tips and tricks to make your newborn session feel easy and fun, I’m here to make sure you and your little one are comfortable and confident.

After all, these first precious moments with your new baby are so brief. I want to help you preserve them beautifully with timeless, genuine newborn and family portraits that you’ll cherish forever.

Get in touch with me to schedule your newborn family photography in St. George and let’s begin the process! I can’t wait to meet your baby and help you celebrate it with a photography session.