When I look at it, I’m instantly transported back to a beach in southern California. My younger brother is sandwiched between me and my dad as we hold his hands and try to outrun the ocean waves nipping at our heels. The sheer joy on my 11 year-old face says it all. 

This is where my adventurous soul and love for photography collided. 

There's a photo from my childhood that changed everything...

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Adventurous soul + Dreamer

Meet Sadie

This photo made me realized that the best photos can't be forced or posed. 

Okay, fine. He's not a baby anymore, he's one. But he's already cooler than me and we think he's stinkin' cute. 

My Baby

He's not a puppy anymore, but he's still pretty cute..and has more energy than we know what to do with. 

My Dog

He's the real MVP here. He's the one that lovingly told me to "get a hobby" and it's now a full blown business.

My Husband

Meet The Team

Some Fun Facts

favorite movie:

The Proposal

favorite place in the world:


the camera i use is:

Canon R6

favorite Photo Location:

any flower field

i can't live without:

my family

ultimate fear:


biggest pet peeve:

being late

favorite cuisine:

itlalian. pass the breadsticks

i'll never forget:

that one time...

Hidden talent:

tripping on absolutely nothing

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 I know you probably had at least one family photo session growing up and let me guess; your clothes were itchy, you had to hold still, and your photographer didn't bust a single "toot" joke. It doesn't have to be that way! I'm here to make sure you and your kids have a better photo experience than the one you had at that stuffy studio growing up. 

the photographer you wish your mom hired when you were little

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Reach out through my contact form and give me all the details about your session. We will pick a date and time for your session and get you booked. A 50% retainer fee and a signed agreement are required to book. 


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We will work together to select the perfect location and outfits for your St. George family photos. You will also have access to my style and prep guide to ensure you're ready for a great (and super fun) session!


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Enjoy your St. George family photo session; all the snuggles, laughs, "toot" jokes, and the chaos. We will create beautiful memories that you will now get to hold onto forever. I promise, this is gonna be fun!


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Within 2 weeks you'll receive a link to your gallery! You'll be able to preview all your photos and redeem your print credit. All products are delivered right to your door!


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