Lifestyle Newborn Photos in St. George

Everything you need to know about your lifestyle newborn photos

As a St. George Newborn Photographer, and as a mom, here are 5 things I think you’ll find helpful as your prepare for your lifestyle newborn photos.

If you’re new here, hi! I’m Sadie. Your St. George photo location expert, styling assistant, and family photographer (but, like the fun kind). I am here to do everything in my power to make this the least stressful, most comfortable, and most fun photo experience you’ve had. 

Since starting my business in 2019, I have photographed over 200 families in Colorado and Oregon. I am so excited to now serve families in St. George, Utah and the surrounding areas–the place that I grew up and now call my family’s home. I can’t wait to meet you and your family! You can learn more about me and my family photography business here.

st george newborn photographer

1. Book those newborn photos!

I know, it’s something that you think you’ll get around to after the baby is born. Spoiler alert, once your little bundle of joy is born you won’t be booking anything. Life gets too busy too fast and you’re soaking in all the snuggles (and naps) you will totally forget until suddenly your baby is 5 months old and you wished you had booked those photos! I recommend booking your newborn photos at the same time as your maternity photos, or around 30 weeks pregnant. I book 2-3 months in advance and offer a maternity and newborn bundle deal. So be sure to ask your photographer if they offer something like that!

2. Get comfy! Really Comfy!

I know you want to look fabulous for these photos, but lifestyle newborn photos are all about capturing life just as it is–so pull out the comfiest pair of jeans or dress you own, and get ready to just snuggle up with your little babe. The simpler the outfit, the better. Think nice, neutral colors with minimal patterns. You can learn more about what to wear for photos by downloading my FREE what to wear guide here.

3. Pick 2 rooms for photos–that’s it! Trust your newborn photographer on this.

Don’t worry about cleaning your whole house, like please don’t. Just pick two rooms that you want to take your photos in and have those be somewhat clean. I’m not afraid to move things around, throw piles of clothes in corners, don’t worry. No one will ever know if things behind the camera were a little messy. I usually recommend picking between your family room, your bedroom, and the nursery. These are the easiest place to snuggle up!

4. Make sure your baby has a full belly and is sleepy.

A full belly of milk and a sleepy baby makes for pretty simple photos. Now listen, as a mom, I know you do everything you can, schedule the photos around nap time and sometimes baby has their own plans. Don’t stress! Lifestyle newborn photos are about life as it is. So sometimes that looks like feeding baby, a diaper change, pacifiers, etc. You know the story! And, your photographer should book plenty of time for breaks during your session.

5. Print your newborn photos.

Okay, I know, I know. this isn’t actually about your photo session, but PLEASE make sure you print your photos. Don’t let them die in their digital form. Display these photos in your home, add them to your baby’s first year scrapbook. Please, print them! I promise, you won’t regret it. Plus, don’t you just want everyone to walk into your house and see your tiny baby photos displayed all over your house?