a relaxed newborn photo experience for your growing family in the comfort of your own home

St George, UT Newborn Photographer

Natural, authentic newborn photos for the family who wants to remember every little detail about life with their newest addition. No fluff. Just you. 

St George newborn photographer

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St. George, Utah newborn photographer

St. George Newborn Photographer



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She thought to herself as she gently held her newborn in her arms as her partner snuggled close to her on their couch. They admired the tiny hands, and ears, and the little baby noises. All those tiny details that she didn't want to forget. 

The only way to remember so much of the first year is to have it photographed. 

As a mom, I know how quickly time passes. The chance to freeze fleeting moments is what solidified my drive to create an easy St. George newborn photo experience. 

I photograph  families who want natural, lifestyle newborn photos so they won't forget the tiny details and the tenderness of those first weeks with their newborn. 

"I  want to remember every detail,"

St. George newborn photographer

"Sadie did an amazing job capturing our newborn photos. She came to our house and made it super easy and fun! Her personality allowed us to be ourselves and really enjoy this special moment! We are in love with our photos!"

-Nikki O. 

From start to finish, our session was just perfect. She made us feel relaxed and helped us enjoy every moment of the shoot.

- Katie H. 

02 / 10

We cannot say enough good things about our experience with Sadie. A few candid and a few posed photos are exactly what our family needed.

- Kayla G. 

03 / 10

Sadie made newborn pictures such a joy!  Sadie was creative in keeping our little ones engaged, entertained, and laughing. Our photos are beautiful and capture everyone's personality. 

- Danielle B. 

04 / 10

The experience was very laid back and I love the approach she takes with capturing the perfect moments that naturally happen between people. We are so happy with our St George newborn photos!

- Alyssa W. 

06 / 10

The experience was very laid back and I love the approach she takes with capturing the perfect moments that naturally happen between people. We are so happy with our st george newborn photos

- Paisha M. 

05 / 10

Sadie is truly wonderful in all ways. Her talent is very apparent in her gorgeous photos. She makes the photo session easy and fun.

- Genevra P. 

07 / 10

Sadie made sure to capture everything I hoped for in the session and more. She made it so fun and enjoyable for both of us. It was definitely a highlight of our trip.

- Madison E.

08 / 10

We had such a great time having our photos done with Sadie. This was the first time my fiancé and I didn’t feel uncomfortable while having photos done and she picked the perfect spots for our photos. Highly recommend her!

-Karrie J. 

09 / 10

WE love working with sadie. She is the best newborn photographer in st george. Can't recommend enough!

- Tracy M. 

10 / 10
I became a passionate family photographer long before I was a mom. Most people assume that you become a mom, and then you become a photographer, but that's not my story. 

It only took having a few families in front of my camera for me to realize that there's way more to family photos than just a few forced smiles and awkward photos. In fact, I quickly realized it should be more; 

"So why do you do it? "

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 Newborn photographer in ST. George, Utah

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more fun, more relaxed; more enjoyable from inquiry to printing photos. 


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When should you schedule your newborn photos? 

I recommend scheduling photos with a St. George newborn photographer during your third trimester. So often, I hear families say they want to do newborn photos, and after the baby makes their grand appearance these get put on the back burner and often missed.  The sooner you get this session scheduled, the better. 

These sessions are usually best done between 1-3 weeks of the baby being born. During this time they are usually pretty sleepy--making photos easy! However, I've done photos for babies who are two months old as well. Anytime with your newborn is precious and deserves to be photographed no matter the age. 

What should we wear for our newborn photos?

These photos will be taken in the comfort of your home, so wear something comfortable! I usually recommend jeans and light, earth-toned clothing. However, if you feel more comfortable in a dress that's always an option too. 
I recommend having baby in a soft, neutral outfit and also having your favorite neutral color blanket/swaddle available so we can do a mix of wrapped and unwrapped baby. 
As your St. George, Utah newborn photographer, I will help you select outfits that look great and will feel comfortable for your session. 

Where in our home should we take newborn photos?

As a rule of thumb, I recommend selecting one or two rooms you'd like to have photos taken. For example: your bedroom and the nursery. Please do not clean your house before your newborn photo session. One of my super powers as a St. George newborn photographer is hiding things in corners. So do not even stress about having diapers or bottles on your nightstand and clothes on the floor! In fact, if you don't, I might be worried ;) 

Will you pose our baby for newborn photos?

I will not touch your baby during your in-home newborn session. I will give you a lot of guidance on how to hold and position yourself and your baby for photos, but for safety purposes, I will not wrap or pose your baby. There will still be lots of opportunities for me to take photos of just your baby so you can savor all those tiny details.