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Mt. Falcon East for family photos

Photos at Mt. Falcon East

This cute little girl with big beautiful eyes and a full head of hair made Bradie + Austin parents just a little over 2 months ago. I actually used to work with Austin, so I was just over the moon excited when he reached out to me to take their first Denver family photos as a family of 3. I was extra excited when they selected Mt. Falcon East as their location.

Mt. Falcon East is a great spot for photos anytime of the year, but this spot really shines in the summer. The contrast of the green with the red rocks truly makes it stunning. And that golden summer sunshine adds that extra spark.

A Few Tips for Photos

Now family photos, especially with a little baby, can be unpredictable. But, these two came prepared with just about everything. The little gas drops to help calm her stomach, extra diapers, blankets, you know the works! This poor little babe was not having it, so we took a few moments to let Bradie nurse her and see if that helped settle her down a bit.

With all of my packages, there is a set amount of time, but I always try to be as flexible as possible to make sure that this is not a rushed or stressful experience for you and your family. I will always prioritize a happy baby over making sure we are done “on time.” These photos are so important for you, they don’t need to be rushed.

After the little one calmed down just a bit, we were able to capture some beautiful moments with the Red Rocks in the background and the perfect golden hour lighting. As a photographer in Denver, you can bet I do my best to select locations that offer the epic scenery, but that are accessible for all ages. Their stroller went up and down the trails without a problem.

I can’t wait to watch their family grow and I hope they look back on these moments and remember their first family photos in Colorado at Mt. Falcon East. I love being creating these special Denver family photos for you.

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