Boulder Maternity Photographer: Chautauqua Park

Expecting mother at Chautauqua Park

There’s something very special about preparing to welcome a new life into the world, and you could see and feel the glow during this beautiful session at Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado. This is one of my favorite spots for a Boulder maternity session. These two have been married for about 2 years, and will be welcoming their sweet baby boy in October–his due date is actually on their two year anniversary!

Couple expecting their baby taking photos

It was a warm July day when we took these photos, but that golden hour sun was so worth sweating as we walked up the hill.

They both told me they were awkward in front of the camera, but within 5 minutes they were laughing and naturally creating the most tender moments.

This photo right here, is a perfect example of why I love shooting at “golden hour”, the hour right before sunset. You get the most dreamy lighting and everything just seems to glow.

I know that Kayla wasn’t too sure about what to wear for her session, so she texted me that morning, and together, we decided on the red dress. I was having her do a few photos by herself and Jeremy turned around and said, “WOW! You look amazing, and that red looks awesome with the green.”

And, that is why I always try to make myself available to talk over (or text) ward robe options, so that when you see your photos, you can say the same thing!

Can you picture yourself taking maternity photos here!? I promise they will be stunning no matter the season.

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