Extended Family Photos: A Few Tips

Extended family photos taken in Denver Colorado

Extended family photos have come to be one of my most favorite types of sessions, but to you, they probably feel overwhelming and stressful. I’m here to share a few tips to ensure that your family photo session is not only enjoyable and fun, but to also make sure you get those shots you want and will treasure forever.

Picking Outfits for your Extended Family Photo Session

Okay, I hear you. Outfits–especially for a large family can be hard to coordinate! So pick a few basic and neutral colors. White, tan, grey, jeans, and an accent color will work well for just about any location or any group of people. I loved this session because they had lots of blues, and the other colors were soft so they complemented each other and photographed well. Download my FREE family photo style guide.

Family photos taken at Mt. Falcon West, Colorado

Getting the Best Family Photos

Before every session, I send out a questionnaire asking to learn more about all of those who will be at the session, their names, personalities, things that will make the kids (or adults) feel more comfortable, and I especially ask for the shots that you would like. Similar to a shot list for a wedding, we put together a shot list of groupings you want for your extended family session. If your photographer doesn’t ask for something like this, it’s never a bad idea to provide this to them. Communication is always key to meeting your expectations!

LGBTQ+ couple photographer

Coordinating a Time

One of the hardest parts of coordinating pictures is selecting a date and time. While almost anytime during the day can work, this is the one type of session that I am a stickler about golden hour. What’s golden hour? This is the hour right before sunset when the lighting is soft, there’s no harsh shadows, and you get that nice golden lighting. With a large family, it can be difficult to work around shadows and make sure everyone is well lit. So, if it all possible schedule your session for golden hour.

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