Evergreen Family Photographer Family photos

Family photo taken in Evergreen Colorado by a Denver family photographer

Can you feel the love? This family was all about the hugs and snuggles and as a candid Evergreen family photographer, I am always here for that! We spent the evening in Evergreen, Colorado enjoying a cool summer evening in the mountains capturing this sweet family’s photos.

One of the most common questions I get is “what do we wear to our session?” And this cute family followed my FREE style guide and WOW! Their colors were perfect. The soft (neutral) red tones, with the white, and light blue complimented the scenery while also helping them stand out.

Family walking through Evergreen Colorado together for a family photo

Your family photo session is tailored just for your family! So while the littlest one was feeling shy we did lots of things to make her feel safe so her personality and her smile could shine. I love getting to know your family before a session so I know specific things I can do to help everyone feel comfortable and have a fun time! As an Evergreen family photographer, I send out a questionnaire before your session to help me get to know you better. I ask about who will be at the session; names, ages, pronouns, etc. I also ask what I can do to help everyone feel comfortable. I am always more than happy to play music at your session, bust out my worst dance moves, and tell a few corny jokes.