Great Family Photos: Selecting the Right Photographer

family photographer takes senior photos in the mountains

Having your photos taken, and finding someone to take your family photos can be stressful because it is more than just someone snapping a photo, it’s about the experience they create! Here are three ways you can ensure you find a photographer you doesn’t just take great photos, but who can connect with your family and provide you the best.

Denver family photographer senior session
  1. Look at their photos! Are most of the family photos posed or candid? Laughing or more serious? Does their style of photos match what you are looking for? How a photographer runs their sessions is almost always portrayed in their photos. It’s pretty hard to fake a really big belly laugh. This is also a good time to remember that each photographer has their own editing style. So if you want your photos to be more dark and moody, don’t hire a photographer who edits bright and airy.
Family photography session in Evergreen Colorado

2. Read reviews! Check out photographer’s reviews on google, Facebook, and even ask your friends who has taken their family photos. Often, reviews can give you insight into how to photographers handles different situations (wiggly kids, crying babies, shy teenagers), and can paint a picture of what things will look like for you.

Denver mountains with girl in them

3. Ask questions! If you think you’ve found the photographer, but have questions, please ask them! A good photographer who is truly hoping to create a session perfect for you is going to be more than happy to take the time to answer any questions you might have. This is the type of photographer you want!

I truly believe most photographers can provide you with great family photos, so make sure you book with someone who can also create a great experience for YOU!