Denver Family Photographer: A session in Conifer

Denver family photographer sharing image taken in Conifer, Colorado.

One of my favorite things about being a Denver family photographer is that I also get to explore other parts of Colorado. This means that the mountains are never that far, and no matter what type of scenery you are looking for in your family photos, we can find it! For this family session, we wanted a mountain setting with wide open fields and lots of pine trees, so we came to the Flying J park in Conifer, Colorado. And let me tell you, the lighting, and the scenery did not disappoint!

It can be easy to assume that once everything starts to die in the fall, the scenery is not that pretty. But one of my favorite things about the fall is the way the tall grass turns golden in the golden hour lighting. As a Denver family photographer, this is definitely my favorite time of the year.

It’s not only the golden hour lighting that makes a session magical, it’s really YOU! Coming to a session open and ready to embrace whatever happens is really what makes your session the best it can be. Coming to a session with no expectations sounds a little crazy, but I promise this is how we make and capture the moments of laughter, love, and snuggles.

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