Denver Maternity Photographer: Bring the family

This sweet family of four, soon to be a family of five, absolutely melted my entire heart. As a Denver Maternity photographer, I love when people incorporate their whole family in the session. I think this embodies everything that I hope a family session can be–fun, laid-back, and really capturing who your family is right there in that moment. I absolutely love watching your family grow, and watching the kids get so excited to have a new baby in the family. These two little ones thought that it was really funny the kids were going to outnumber the parents once the little babe is born.

I feel so privileged to be able to capture Denver families just as they are. It feels so special to feel like client’s invite you into their lives for just a moment to capture their smiles, laughter, and all of the little quirks they will want to remember.

I know you want one family photo with everyone perfectly positioned and smiling, but isn’t the top photo what you really love? The joyful running, the little tongue sticking out, and that loving look you give your kids.

THIS is why I love being a Denver maternity photographer–and in turn a Denver family photographer. The Denver setting. The wiggly kids. It all just brings me so much joy.