Summer Family Photos at Whistler’s Bend Park | Roseburg Family Photographer

little boy smiling for camera during family photos at Whistler's Bend Park

About Whistler’s Bend Park

Whistler’s Bend Park is located just a short drive from Roseburg. And, it is actually still considered to be in Roseburg. Formally, it’s known as Whistler’s Bend County Park & Campground. That name kind of sums it up, actually! This is a local favorite spot to camp, play disk golf, fish at the river and obviously a scenic spot for your family photos. There is also a really nice day use area near the river with picnic tables, a bathroom, and a small playground.

Family sitting in field playing with their little boy at Whistler's Bend Park for photos in Roseburg, Oregon.

A Few Photo Tips

If you decide Whistler’s Bend Park is a great spot for your photos, here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  1. The sun sets just a little sooner than you might think. The sun will drop behind the hills sooner than the “sunset time” will predict. Lighting is everything, so I recommend scheduling photos a little sooner than you think. I schedule most of my summer sessions to start between 6-6:30 p.m. PST.
  2. Watch your toes. There is a big open field, which is fun for photos, but that means there are also lots of weeds and stickers. Consider picking close toed shoes, especially for your younger kids. Nothing brings tears faster than a thorn in a foot!
  3. Green vs. Brown. Oregon in the summer is beautiful, but everything dries out really fast! If you want lots of green grass, schedule your photos for May. If you like the look of the golden field, anytime between June-October will be perfect for you.

About This Family Session at Whistler’s Bend Park

The Villao family contacted me in July hoping to schedule a session for August. Due to jobs, they hadn’t been living in the same state for several months and now that they were all back together, they wanted to document it. There little boy was 18 months old and at a fun stage they also wanted to have photographed.

little boy playing at Whistler's Bend Park

As with all my sessions, the little one took the lead and we followed. He took a few minutes to warm up, but once we got some smiles going we were in business! The bugs he found in the field were a little bit of a distraction, but made for some really sweet candid moments. We played in the field, put him on dad’s shoulders, and had a few little tickles to get those big belly laughs.

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