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pregnant women holding belly for pregnancy photos

Discovery Garden in Roseburg, Oregon

The Discovery Garden is open year-round and is a perfect place for a picnic, stroll through the beautiful grounds, and even for photos! The Master Gardners have created this garden to show the benefits of different gardening techniques and aspects. The Garden has signs throughout the area that help you identify the different flora and fauna as well as learn about composting, irrigation, and pruning. There is even a kids Discovery Garden area!

Maternity Photos at the Discovery Garden

The Discovery Garden was the perfect spot for a maternity session! The sunlight breaking through the trees and the flowers in bloom made for the perfect backdrop. There was lots of places to explore and allow for both sitting and standing photos.

One of my favorite spots was the “desert” area of the garden, which was full of lush green plants and even a palm tree. This wasn’t necessarily the most “Oregon-esque” setting, but the green tones against the blue dress were stunning.

women in roseburg discovery garden posing for maternity photos

A Few Tips for Maternity Sessions

Maternity sessions are one of my favorite types of sessions because it’s really a huge celebration of a new life and also a time for mom to reflect on how incredible she is. Like, you are growing an actual human inside of you! That’s pretty incredible. However, I know many women who stray away from these sessions because they don’t feel like they look their best. With that being said, the one thing I hear most often is “I wish we would have had maternity photos taken.”

This is truly a remarkable time. So let me share a few tips with you on how to prepare for your session so you feel as beautiful and amazing as you look.

  1. Pick something you feel confident and beautiful in. Most often, this is a dress. Dresses tend to hit all the right places and dresses with movement and texture bring attention to the belly without bringing too much attention to other areas.
  2. Schedule your session for between 30-34 weeks. This is about the time that your belly is nice and round without you feeling completely huge and ready to go into labor at any moment.
  3. Wear comfy shoes! I know that your feet are likely hurting. So opt for some cute sandals or flats rather than high heels for this session.

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