Everything You Need to Know About Maternity Photos

Maternity photos taken in St. George, UT

Your Maternity Photos

The St. George and general southern Utah area is a stunning place to take your maternity photos! With so many scenic spots to choose from you can’t go wrong taking your maternity photos in St. George, UT. Here are a few helpful tips that should help you prepare for session including what to wear, what to consider when selecting a location, and a few dos and don’ts of posing.

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If you’re new here, hi! I’m Sadie. Your St. George photo location expert, styling assistant, and photographer (but, like the fun kind). I am here to do everything in my power to make this the least stressful, most comfortable, and most fun photo experience you’ve had. 

Since starting my business in 2019, I have photographed over 200 families in Colorado and Oregon. I am so excited to now serve families in St. George, Utah and the surrounding areas–the place that I grew up and now call my family’s home. I can’t wait to meet you and your family! You can learn more about me here.

What colors should you wear for your maternity photos?

This is without fail, one of the most common questions I get! You can read an entire blog post about how to select colors for your photos here. Generally speaking though, I recommend neutral colors. Now, I’m not talking just all beige; think more of earth tones. Colors that you would see in nature. Light blue instead of a bright blue, a olive green rather than a vibrant green, etc. These types of colors always photograph well.

What should you wear for your maternity photos?

We’ve covered colors, so let’s chat about what type of clothing to wear. For the expecting mom, I almost always recommend a dress for your maternity photos. If you want to do something more trendy and casual such as a bra and jeans session that’s always an option.

If you decide to wear a dress, look for a dress that. is long and flow-y. These are usually the most flattering and photograph the best. Look for something that provides you with some figure to accentuate your bump (such as a wrap dress with a tie or a dress that has a more fitted bodice and relaxed lower half.

Look for a dress that is made of rayon, linen, polyester, or even velvet. I highly recommend you do NOT wear stretch cotton. This is often the material most Amazon dresses are made out of and they show everything! If you don’t have a problem area this fabric will assign you one. Just trust me on that!

If you decide to include your significant other in your maternity photos (which most people like to do). I recommend a nicer pair of pants–think khaki or light gray pants and a nice top. I usually recommend a button down or henley. Just something that doesn’t look like he’s about to go into the office.

Where should you take your photos?

There are nearly an endless amount of locations for your maternity photos. When trying to decide on a location, I recommend thinking about how you want your photos to look. Do you want them to feel soft? You might consider a background such as white rocks or an open field. If you want something more epic or scenic Snow Canyon or Kolob could be beautiful as well. Your photographer should have lots of ideas to offer you!

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