Denver Photographer: Bring your dog too!

A few tips on how to get great family photos with your furry family member.

dog in denver family photo

Would you bring your furry family member to your family photo session? As a Denver photographer, I know that most families have at least one dog that they absolutely love and adore. And, of course you are more than welcome to bring your dog to your session. However, I will admit that working with wiggly kids can be a little easier to work with than a wiggly dog. So how can we make this work?

TREATS! I always have some dog treats on hand and encourage you to bring your own too. You know better than anyone what food is going to motivate your dog to sit and hold still for just a moment.

HAVE A DOG HANDLER! If you plan to bring your dog, see if a friend can come along with you to your session to hold onto your dog while we are getting some photos of just you. If your dog is content to sit and stay for more than 2 seconds, this works well too! I usually have my husband (aka, my photo assistant) at sessions, and he can be helpful here too!

SQUEAKY TOYS! Admittedly, I have two dogs of my own and absolutely ZERO squeaky toys for personal sanity reasons. However, there are few things that can get your dog’s attention quite like a squeaky toy. This is great for the photo you want everyone looking at the camera. I work the squeaky toy behind the camera, and you get that perfect photo. Your Denver photographer might have some things they bring too. Don’t be afraid to ask about it!

And, just like any other session, we roll with the punches! I can’t wait to meet your doggo!