How to Get The Best Denver Family Photo

Family photos can be stressful. Picking out everyone’s outfits, getting everyone ready, loaded up in the car, and getting to your session on time. Woah! You deserve a trophy already. My goal with every Denver family photo session is to make sure once you arrive you can really sit back and enjoy the time you have with your family because that’s really when we can capture the family photo magic.

Here are three ways to enjoy your family photo session.

  1. Take a deep breath! When you arrive at your session, take a big deep breath. You have done your job–getting everyone ready, out the door, in the car, and to the location of your session. So, now it’s time to let you photographer take over and be the one to chase around your kids for the next little while.

2. Let the children lead. This sounds counterintuitive, but when it comes to family photos, I promise that is truly what works the best. Child-led sessions, meaning we don’t force anything, means that there are significantly less tears; from you, me, and your kiddo.

3. Follow the photographer’s lead. Kids tend to listen to directions better when it comes from someone other than a parent. So, try to follow your photographers lead on what’s being asked of your kids and be willing to roll with the punches and anything else that gets your kids to laugh and smile.

I promise, your photographer is ready for just about anything. So, as a parent, you just get to sit back and enjoy the ride. I promise we will capture more than one amazing Denver family photo.

You can read more about how I run my Denver family photo sessions and tuck away a few more tips by checking out my blog here.

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