Top 5 Hikes Near Roseburg, Oregon

Roseburg family photographer- Sadie Jane Photos

Summer is upon us and there is so much to do in and around the Umpqua Valley in beautiful southern Oregon! One of our favorite things to do during this time of year is to get out and enjoy the beautiful area on our feet. Here are our favorite hikes near the Umpqua Valley.

Wolf Creek Falls

This is a beautiful hike that we rate as easy to moderate. This beautiful hike takes you along a river with lots of places to stop, eat lunch, and even let the kids play around in the water. Not only is the hike itself beautiful, it takes you to a 75 ft. two tier waterfall! This 1.2 mile hike is a perfect half-day outing for a family. It is also dog-friendly, but dogs do need to be on a leash.

In the beginning of summer, the mosquitos can be thick, so don’t forget to pack bug spray.

Also within 5 miles of Wolf Creek falls is Cavitt Creek falls and Shadow falls.

Winchester Dam and Fish Viewing of the Umpqua Valley River

While this isn’t technically a hike, it does require walking up and down a lot of stairs and it’s worth the stop. The view lends itself to the Winchester dam near Roseburg, Oregon. The Umpqua valley is famous for its fishing and this fish ladder offers views of the huge fish that swim up the river during specific times of the year.

Fall Creek Falls

This is a one mile hike that we would rate as easy to moderate. This is a great spot to let your little ones burn off some energy without completely wearing them out. The area was affected by a wildlife in the Umpqua Valley nearly five years ago, so the scenery isn’t quite what it used to be, but the waterfall is still beautiful!

You can stop the hike at the base of the waterfall for an easier hike, or you can take the incline up to the second part of the waterfall to get the full affect of the beauty. Dogs are also allowed on this hike, but need to be leashed.

Toketee Falls

This is a must-see spot if you find yourself in the Umpqua Valley! Toketee is one of the most popular and photographed waterfalls in southern Oregon and for a good reason. At 0.9 miles round trip hike. This is slightly more of a moderate hike with a few inclines and stairs on it. However, very doable for a young family. The water is incredibly blue and the waterfall itself is incredibly beautiful cutting through the rocks.

It does require about an hour and a half drive from Roseburg, Oregon, but it’s worth the drive.

Dogs are allowed on this hike, but must be leashed.

Winston Falls

Just a little ways up the road past Toketee Falls is the impressive Winston falls. Although it is not as popular as Toketee, it’s our favorite of the two waterfalls. This 1.8 mile hike is slightly more challenging with more steep inclines. With the water running along the trail, the flora and fauna is always green and the trees incredibly tall.

Up the road from Winston falls are lots of other waterfalls with very short hikes to them.

Hopefully this gives you some good places to explore and start your summer hikes! And, of course, each of these spots offer beautiful backdrops and would be great locations for a family photo session.