Top 7 Posing Tips from a Senior Photographer in St. George

Senior Photographer in St. George

During the final year of high school, the memories seniors make are priceless. To make this time even more memorable, senior portraits are the perfect opportunity to freeze this fleeting phase forever.

As an experienced senior photographer in St. George, I know the art of posing plays an essential role in creating senior photos that truly express personality and spirit. Allow me to share my top 7 posing tips learned over years of photographing high school seniors.

1. Incorporate Movement

Nothing makes portraits look stiffer than rigid, static poses. I love prompting seniors to bring motion into their poses – having them walk a few steps, execute a gentle spin, or sway their bodies naturally. Simple movements help relax both the body and mind. One of my go-to tricks is instructing them to pretend they’re carefully walking an imaginary tightrope, generating that elegant swaying stride.

2. Explore Angles

Rather than constantly repositioning seniors into different posed stances, I prefer adjusting my own angle and perspective frequently throughout a shoot. Varying my camera position allows me to highlight the senior from multiple views. For guys, I tend to shoot at eye level or just slightly lower for a strong, masculine look. With girls, I enjoy angling the camera from just above eye level and pointing down slightly to elongate and flatter their figures.

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3. Use Clothing as Props

An engaging senior portrait demands more than just a great pose – incorporating stylish clothing and accessories as props adds polish and personality. I’ll often instruct guys to slowly button up that casual shirt as they stride during the shot. For girls, I love watching them bring movement by playing with their dress or running their hands through their hair. Purposeful gestures involving their outfit create spontaneity and energy.

4. Mind that Backlighting

Backlighting provides the opportunity to create stunning portraits with dimensional quality. I aim to position my seniors so the sun’s rays hit just off-center from behind them at roughly a

30-40-degree angle. This rimmed side lighting effect adds beautiful depth, separating the subject’s form from the background.

5. Watch the Footwork

Small changes can make a big difference! I may have them simply shift weight from one leg to the other as I circle around, shooting from high, low, side, and rear angles. Small tweaks to their footwork generate a full gallery of varied portrait views that capture the full essence of the senior.

6. Keep It Conversational

Apart from basic posing direction, engaging seniors in lighthearted conversation throughout the shoot helps them loosen up and be themselves. Asking about upcoming plans, joking around, or having them show an accented character voice – anything to sprinkle in genuine smiles and laughs between the more sculpted poses. This results in a gallery with a balanced blend of jovial and poised portraits.

Before each session, I will also send out a questionnaire allowing me to get to know the senior before their session. Getting to know the senior before their session helps me create an easy and comfortable environment for great photos.

7. Provide Reassurance

Self-consciousness tends to spike in front of the camera’s unblinking gaze. I always make an effort to dole out encouragement and positive affirmations during shoots. A few encouraging words, such as “You are doing an excellent job!” or “That looks amazing!” can really make them feel confident. Avoiding negative feedback and allowing seniors to feel good about themselves ultimately leads to their best modelling.

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There you have my top 7 senior portrait posing tips! The most glamorous poses mean nothing if your senior isn’t able to relax and shine their authentic self through the images. With some thoughtful direction balanced with patience and compassion, you’re sure to capture priceless portraits they’ll treasure forever.

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