5 Tips for St. George High School Senior Photos

Your Senior year of high school is exciting; your Senior photos should be too! Here’s a few tips from your St. George, Utah Senior photographer.

Roseburg Senior posing for senior photos

Making the Most of Your St. George Senior Photos: Tips from your St. George Senior Photographer

The time has come, Senior year is here! For most parents this is a time met with excitement and a little bit of bitter sweet as your child is getting ready to spread their wings and fly. As a St. George Senior Photographer, I know how important it is to both you and your senior to have their senior photos taken. And maybe even more important, to make sure these photos look and feel just like who they are in this moment of time.

What do you want to look back on in 10, 20, maybe 30 years and remember? Is it their big smile and laugh? Maybe it’s the sport that they have been playing for years or that truck they love so much.

Senior photos are a time to showcase exactly who they are.

Here’s a few tips on how to ensure these photos capture everything you hope.

How do you want your photos to look?

Do you want your photos to be bright and true to color? Maybe dark and moody? There are lots of ways the photographers edit! By deciding this, you will be able to narrow down your search significantly. Make sure that you find and book a photographer that edits the way you want your photos to look.

What will make these Senior photos feel like YOU?

Does your senior have a favorite spot? Do they love to play an instrument or sport? These are the types of things that you will want to have displayed and photographed during a senior session.

I know you will want a few photos of your senior just giving that big ole smile that you love. Something that you might not realize is that you will also want some more candid photos where your senior’s personality really shines through. These photos of the in-between moments of their laugh, “that look”, those are also what you will want to be photographed and remember.

What should you wear for your Senior photos?

I always recommend you plan on 2-3 outfits. One outfit that feels more casual, like an every day at high school kind of feel and then outfit that is a little dressier. If you want to bring a third outfit, this is often something that reflects your time in high school. This could be a sports jersey, cheer pompoms and uniform, or even a lettermen jacket.

I offer styling for all my clients, so we work together to pick colors and outfits that will work well with the location(s) of choice.

Where in St. George should you take your photos?

Southern Utah has so many incredible places with beautiful scenery for your photos. I always recommend selecting a place that is meaningful to you. Maybe you spend a lot of time at the lake, or at Snow Canyon State Park. Those are both great places for photos amongst the hundreds of other options around the area. Depending on time and locations, you might be able to pick two locations that match your style. Maybe some time in the red rocks and then some sport-y photos on your high school’s field.

Your photographer likely has a long list of great locations! So don’t feel like you need to have your location(s) picked out before you book your photos.

What should you bring for your Senior photos?

This is where you can get creative! It can be really fun to bring “props” that represent your senior. This could include their favorite book, that truck or car they love, or even an instrument they play. This is also where sports can be fun to incorporate; a soccer ball, baseball, football, etc. Bring any items that represent your senior and what they love during this phase of their lives.

Sometimes in southern Utah, seniors also have their mission call. Feel free to bring a flag or something else that represents where their next chapter in life will be taking them!

I would love to talk to you and see if I might be the right photographer for your St. George Senior photos! You can view more of my work, learn about my approach, and contact me on my website here.